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Preparing for the death of a parent

Losing a parent is one of the hardest things I have ever experienced in life. All that follows after the loss adds demands while we are grieving. I would love to help you prepare for the paper chase following the loss of a loved one; it can be daunting!

While it is difficult to think about, preparing ahead of time can help ease the transition and equip you with the important documents and information you will need as you journey through these major adjustments. My parents prepared together and it was my mom that showed us where to find needed information and kept us all informed.

I guarantee, knowing where to find your parents’ important documents is critical and one of the first steps you should take. If it's been hard to start these conversations I wrote a short

In this blog I share how my own family went from refusing to talk about our information with me, to now recording their own documents. So what are some documents you need?

First, it's important that you know where your parents keep their estate planning documents:



Insurance policies

Powers of attorney.

These documents are essential to ensuring that your parents' wishes are honored and

that their assets are distributed properly. If you'd like a little more detail about what these are I have another blog about this here.

Next: if your parents have:




It’s crucial for you to know where the deeds and titles are located so these items can be be handled by the executor or possibly transferred into your name in case of death.


Bank accounts

Safe deposit box

Post office box

Your parents' bank account information will also be needed when transferring funds from

accounts they had jointly owned or accessing any remaining funds left in an account

solely owned by them.

An executor will also need this information to pay bills, close

accounts and distribute designated funds to children and family.


Ask questions

Get professional help

Make sure to ask questions if something isn't clear and don't hesitate to seek professional guidance when necessary.

Talking with parents before they are gone makes this process so much

easier and provides comfort for parents and adult children knowing that the legal details will be handled well and that family members are knowledgeable about

what needs to be addressed and where to locate documents.

If you would like an easy way to record and organize this information I have formatted guides to make recording and organizing smoother at

Imagine being able to focus on valuable time with your parents because you and your siblings are informed and calm about necessary details since you know where to find them. Having key documents organized allows a family to support each other

and then attend to legal details when the time comes.

Taking care of these details ahead of time will ensure that your focus is on your family

allowing cherished memories to be made together.

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