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Looking Out for Each Other is Showing Love

How do I show I love you? Let me count the ways.

While we have all heard this saying, it’s good to consider gestures of love that can leave a lasting impact. Here are some thoughts on ways of looking out for the one you love.

In Minnesota, we’ve had a lot of snowfall this year. Today my husband went out in -3 weather to rake snow off the roof of our garage, since we’ve already had some damage from ice dams in other places. When he was done, he had to run the snow blower AGAIN, since so much snow was brought down on the ground.

While he makes sure I know how to run the snowblower (thank you for that, seriously!),

he tries to keep me warm inside. It is one of the ways he shows me love and concern.

Taking care of each other is a wonderful part of love and we have been practicing this

for over 50 years.

Have you considered this?

Another way to look out for our spouse is to learn what details will protect our finances, property and belongings to give a spouse an easier transition when the time comes that there is an emergency or our love enters eternity?

For example, making sure both spouses know where important documents are kept

and having a current will helps immensely if something unexpected happens. If you

don't have a will, you need to get one! If you already have a will, update it as needed

with any changes in your life such as births, deaths, marriages, divorces, etc.

Something else I’ve been thinking about recently is subscriptions.

Have you ever documented the subscriptions you have? They may be monthly but if they are once a year payments, many of us purchase them and forget about it.

If they are not recorded somewhere as an easy reminder, the

remaining spouse could have a large surprise bill if they are not paid. If they are not

canceled or on autopay you end up paying for something you may no longer want or


Taking the time to put these things in place for each other now, will be another warm hug of love from you in the future. The legacy of caring enough to tackle what may seem difficult is a very special gift. If you’d like some help thinking about what you can do to lovingly care for each other by preparing for a time when one of you may be alone, I have other blogs on these details. HERE

Leave a comment to let me know what you think, like the blog or checkout formatted documents at the website Prepared & Informed Families. It can help you record and organize your important information .

Showing love doesn't always mean grand gestures or big expensive gifts. Sometimes the simplest things mean the most. What matters most is that we take care of each other and try to make life a little bit easier for the one we love.


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