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The biggest mistake I ever made

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Photo by boram kim on Unsplash

The biggest mistake I ever made was: not listening to my gut reaction

to a potential employee.

Several years ago we were looking to hire someone that I did not feel comfortable with. While I shared my thoughts I should have been stronger and said no. This man ended up sending an inappropriate email to the female contact in our largest account which we immediately lost. That was the beginning of losing the business and our home.

Last year, after losing a brother-in-law, I watched as his wife struggled since

she had never done the bills, knew little about their important information or where to find it.

This time I acted on my gut reaction.

I have gathered all of our important documents and gathered them into one three ring binder. I have all of our bills and monthly payments in a spreadsheet and I have talked to each of our daughters about this and they will be sitting down with me to review it soon.

I also put together a website called Prepared & Informed Families with blogs related to this topic. Pre-formatted documents help make it a little easier for people to get started. I do 40 minute Zoom calls to answer questions and give people designated time to work on organizing their information. By far the hardest part about this is the time it takes.

Yesterday after learning about a friend that had a stroke and was struggling to talk, Denny and I went to visit him and his wife at the hospital. We listened as his wife told us

she had never done the bills, didn’t know where to find information and was having a problem with the computer, which she really didn’t know how to use.

Her husband had downloaded my documents but had never shown it to her.

This time I could help.

I am going to make copies and take them to her so she can at least have a place to record information as she finds it, for future access.

WIVES NEED TO KNOW THEIR IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS AND HOW TO ACCESS THEM as well as husbands. We never plan to have emergencies, they just show up. If you don’t have access to your information I can’t encourage you enough to start finding it and getting it in one place. If you have any questions comment below or message me. I would be glad to share what I have learned.

Here is my website if you want to check it out.

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