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My name is Robin Meade Rynearson. I have been married almost 50 years to the boy I fell in love with in 7th grade! I have 3 very special daughters and 7 grandkids. A number of years ago, we lost a business we owned due to an inappropriate email an employee sent to the contact in our largest account and then mistakes we made trying to keep the business going. We eventually lost our home and all our savings. I handled the majority of the financial dealings through this time and then developed a plan to get our family back on solid ground financially. 


It was a very difficult time.  At one point, I wondered if I would ever really smile on the inside again. It took some time, but my heart was lighter and my smile eventually reached deep inside. We also got back on track financially and I began to develop ways to organize our personal and financial info for future needs.  Now I share ways that other savvy women can document important information their family needs to know. 

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Read all of Robin's tips and tricks to getting your family's important documents together.

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