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Soft Landings for End of Life Prepping: Day 1 "Begin the Discussion"

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

There are few things in life that we can count on being exactly as we imagined. One thing we do know for sure is that our life here on earth will end one day. So why do we have such a hard time talking about it and preparing for that day to make it a little easier?

Well, family is the center of our universe. They are our foundation for learning and growing. We start life with them and travel the journey together, so the thought of losing a family member is extremely difficult.

When I first began talking to my family about my desire to record and organize our important information NO ONE WANTED TO TALK TO ME ABOUT IT!

When I approached the subject with our oldest daughter she said she didn’t want to talk about it yet and was fighting back tears.

My husband was the same way. It took bringing up the subject several times before he was comfortable enough to visit with me.

From this, I learned that it was important to be patient and let everyone chew on the idea of addressing end of life issues with me. Slowly, I would re-approach them with my thoughts on areas we needed to make decisions about.

While it took several months for everyone, now they are comfortable and talking with me. We have reached my first goal: Getting comfortable enough to talk as a family about what information everyone needs to know.

Knowing that it takes time, however, is one reason that it is important to BEGIN THE PROCESS

Here are some BENEFITS I have discovered

  • This has drawn us together and helped us take the first step in preparing the family about end of life decisions

  • I have organized most of our information and our daughters are beginning to learn our info and where it is located

  • Understanding the practical details that will need to be handled some day, has helped us to see everyone will be not be taken by more stressed trying to find information calmer to a time that will be emotionally difficult

  • A bonus is that our girls are now working with me to get their own family information recorded and organized. Doing it when you and your family are young is a great idea! You can prepare in case of a very unexpected event and you can easily access your info when you need it for any reason

If you would like to read a little more about this I have another blog you can read: 11 Reasons to Get it Done

If you’re thinking about getting started recording important details for your family or helping your parents get started, you can check out the courses I’ve put together to help guide people through the process on my website Prepared & Informed Families.


You’ll be glad you did

Come back on Tuesday for a look at another step to take so you are one of the

Prepared & Informed Families

Blessings Friends

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