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Stupid Human Tricks

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Have you ever watched some of the “stupid human” tricks; those funny, different and sometimes kind of “weird'' things people can do? Well, I often hear, “How did you do that?”

I have an uncanny ability to find things even if no one has used it for several years. Earlier this week, my husband asked me if I knew where his plastic spatula was to smooth out graphics when he puts them up on a wall. It is only about 3x3 inches. I showed him two I had under the sink for scraping off food stuck on a pan. That wasn’t it. Then he re-explained what he needed it for and it clicked! I went down to a shelf in our office, looked it over, picked up a green box, and there it was. “ How did you know it was there?” he asked. He couldn’t believe it, BUT he has become accustomed to me finding the impossible quite easily.

There is a system to my ability though. I have always been an organizer. I do better if things are in a designated place and I know where that is. I also have something I do in my mind. I am a very visual person, so I get a visual picture and tuck it away in my mind.

For example, when we moved four years ago, we had a window that had to be worked on and the curtain rod had to come down. Unfortunately, part of it got packed in a box before the window guy came to finish the work and replace the rod. With great skepticism, my husband asked me if I might know which box it was in. Mind you, our entire two car garage was filled with boxes 4 and 5 high.

I tried to picture what the piece looked like, and searched my mind, I thought I might know. I had marked each box and packed them pretty close together by the room items were from. Sure enough, I brought them the piece from the second box I looked in. The guy we hired could not believe it took me less than 5 minutes!

We are all different, with a variety of strengths. I have learned how to categorize and organize things in my mind and that strength has helped me learn ways to categorize and organize important information. I help busy moms record information their family needs, so it is ready when they need it, without being overwhelmed.

I can help you learn easy ways to do this too. If you’d like some help with putting important information into formats that are EASYSAVE TIME… and give you CONFIDENCE, then this place is for you!

​Check out the free formI've done for you to organize contacts for Work on Your House and come back and join me as I begin to share How to Catalog Personal and Financial Details that your Family Needs: Being ready ahead of time

Have a wonderful day!

Blessings Friends

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