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Soft Landings for end of life preppings-Day4. leave a legacy

Have you thought about what you want to leave as your legacy? My husband and I have had several areas of our life that are very important to us and we have worked to share them with our three daughters to make them part of our legacy. Now, we feel that leaving our personal and financial information, organized in a way that makes it easy to access and is easy to understand, is part of the legacy we want to leave and pass on also.

Since I have been talking to our girls about this for a while now, they are beginning to be comfortable with these discussions. They are past the point of feeling like mom and dad are talking about the end of their life, and saying, "I don’t want to think about that".

Now, they are working at organizing their own information and seeing how important it is. They’ve already called me about questions they have as they begin to have situations where they are needing access to some of their own info and want to have a better understanding of how it will be used. They are seeing the value in having this prepared before it might be needed. So, they are already becoming a part of the legacy I am leaving and they will be able to pass it on to their children as well!

Along with this, our daughters are seeing that it takes a bit of time to gather everything.

It is not done in just one sitting and free time does not happen very often, especially if you have a family with young kids at home. Having my videos has made it possible for them to grab 15 to 20 minutes here and there to keep adding to their catalog of information still having support.

Now, our daughters are much more relaxed. They know that when a day comes, whether it is unexpected or if the end of our life comes slowly, which right now I expect is many years down the road, our girls know much more about what will need to be addressed and how to handle the situation at that time.

This gives me much comfort and joy to know that I am leaving a legacy for our family to be prepared, be much more relaxed knowing information ahead of time, and that they have already started it for their own families and their children.

So, you can see that this is another positive way to look at end of life preppings. Prepare your information, pass it on to your children and help them start gathering their own info. They will be prepared for the future, and you will leave a very valuable legacy.

If you are ready to start this process you can look at the catalogs that I have prepared at my website Prepared & Informed Families. While you are there you can check out more of my blogs about Soft Landings for End of Life Prepping.

One of my girls has wanted me to have options for a binder, divider tabs, and clear sleeves available for her to just order on line. Having to go to a store to buy any of this kept her from getting going. Pretty sure she is not alone, so I am working on getting that for people. It will be available soon. Watch for it in blogs and at the Facebook Group: Prepared & informed Families.

Blessings Friends

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