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Updated: Oct 26, 2022

You’re sitting in line at a drive through and the person in front of you clearly did not know what they wanted to order. A snail could win this race! You are going crazy because you feel they are wasting your time. You are a person of ACTION. You like to get on with it and make things happen. You like to be spontaneous and this is cramping your style. (My husband laughed when he read this because he knows this is totally him!)

Maybe you are at a brainstorming meeting. You want to get to the numbers and facts. How is something going to work and why? Give me the research. You are a person that likes the KNOWLEDGE about something to make the best decision.

On the other hand, if someone is pouring their heart out to you and they are ready to do something they will regret, you won’t be the one yelling at them to get their act together. Your heart goes out to them and you are thinking about the best way to encourage them so they realize how amazing they are and that there might be a different perspective that will reveal some flaws in their thinking, and help them accomplish their goal in this situation. You love becoming the best you and seeing others around you do the same. You are the NURTURING soul in life. (Now my husband laughed and said, " This is you and me". Yep this one is part of my bent.)

Now, if you are on a team that is asked to develop a plan that will draw people in, get them excited about your product or service and move your team forward, you will be the one to evaluate the situation and come up with a system that is clear and well defined. You flourish best with the stability of structure and rules to follow. You are loyal because you have a sense of duty to any group you are involved with, so you would see a plan through to the end.

You like to have a BLUEPRINT for what you do.

It is exciting how different we all can be and taking advantage of different perspectives and strengths can help us reach our goals faster and more effectively. What great motivation to embrace the variety.

This is why having time to gather to work on finding, recording and organizing our personal and financial information is valuable. It is also why you can decide how you will use that time.

I will give some direction, talk a little on why and when you may be glad you spent the time to put this info together, and you will have a designated time to focus. If you want, you can put me on mute and just get at it. If you have questions, this is a time to ask. If you are frustrated with some part of this, I’m there for you. I’ve been there.

The bottom line is… WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER

I’d love to meet you and work with you. There are classes designed to meet your needs for getting your facts recorded, organized and ready to use.

I’d challenge you to check out the list of classes at my website, Prepared & Informed Families and get started. Contact me if you have any questions.

Blessings Friends

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