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I Wish I had Been More Prepared

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Have you ever had to do something you felt totally unprepared for? Did you wish you would have handled it differently? Well, I sure have. I’m Robin Meade Rynearson and as a young mom, I watched as my first daughter was running from the kitchen to the living room and she tripped, falling head first against the corner of a table. As I picked her up, I knew we were going to the emergency room. Back then, the doctor told me I had to leave the room after I put her on the examining table. Big mistake! They were asking a two year old to be alone with strangers that were going to inflict pain as they stitched her up. I had to listen to her scream and watch nurses looking at me with sympathetic eyes. It was awful! I wished I'd been better prepared in order to advocate for my daughter and have a better outcome.

On a very different level, have you ever had to gather documents and financial or personal information that were difficult to find? I handle the personal and financial information in our family. When we applied for a mortgage and later met with our accountant, I was ready to pull out my hair trying to locate everything they required. On top of that, my husband was frustrated that it was taking me so long. After he saw the stack of paperwork I had gathered, he began to appreciate all that I had gone through. Again, I wished I’d had some training on how to be better prepared for this.

Most recently, when I applied for Medicare, every problem that could happen, did happen. Boy did I learn a lot! More significantly, we lost the husband from a couple that my husband and I have been very close friends with and then lost one of my husband’s younger brothers. Listening to all that their wives have had to deal with, got me thinking. How easy would it be for our daughters or my husband to handle all the legal details? Did I have my information organized in a way that would make it easier for them during an already emotionally challenging time? Now my experience began to help me see some needs ahead of time.

So, I began to develop a format to catalog important information for myself and my family. It is easy to access and easy to follow. When I showed it to our three daughters and other friends, they all said it was really a great idea that they and other women could benefit from. Now,

  • If you have financial or personal information that has been difficult to locate

  • If you find yourself in tears or pulling your hair out

  • If you would like a format that is easy peasy to fill in

​Check out the free form I've done for you to organize contacts for Work on Your House and come back and join me as I begin to share How to Catalog Personal and Financial Details that your Family Needs: Being ready ahead of time

Have a wonderful day!


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