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Have You Ever Considered How Important Dad's Are to Mother's Day?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

My love for families comes from the deep love my parents had for each other and for our family. With Mother's Day coming this Sunday, it has made me remember some of my sweetest memories.

When I was in grade school we lived in a small three bedroom house and I loved it. Every night when we then four kids would hear the car pull into our one car driveway, we'd all yell, "Daddy's home"! You'd see three little kiddos run for dad, grab his legs, or get picked up in his arms.

The funny thing was that he would always keep walking, and we knew why. We'd laugh and chatter all the way to the kitchen where dad was headed to give mom a kiss. Mom would put what she was doing on pause and then follow to the bedroom. Our daddy would change into comfy clothes for the night, but we knew that this was their time to review the day.

We had strict instructions not to cross the threshold of the doorway. ( That's how I learned what in the world a threshold was :) We kids were a sight pushing and putting the toe of our shoes right to the limit of the doorway.

We learned that giving respect to our mom was part of life. No one ever started to eat until mom got to the table and grace was said. Dad said if she worked hard to make the meal, we would not eat until she sat down. For sure no one was to leave the table until mom was done eating either.

At your house, have you ever noticed how the mom seems to be the one getting up to get more food or something that didn't get to the table? It happened once too often at our house. As we got old enough, dad would ask one of us to get up and help out. Another sign of care and respect for all that he knew mom did for us as a family that became 8 after my twin brothers were born.

The thing I loved most of all about our perfect little house was that our bedrooms were all pretty close together. When there were still two boys and my sister and I, the boys had a record player in their room that was turned up at night so it could be heard in our girls room too.

Bing Crosby's dramatization of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves was fabulous. The stories about Black Beauty and The Little Elephant Child, set incredible pictures in my mind.

Eventually they were over and the house became quiet as mom and dad would retire to their room. They always talked quietly so we couldn't tell what was said, but they talked and laughed a lot. Then the last thing I would hear every night was, "Good night, Bob. I love you". "Good night, Peach. I love you". My heart was content and calm each night hearing this.

My dad's lessons made me so glad to be a girl, because I knew it was very special. For me, it was my precious dad that has always made Mother's Day a joy and an honor.

I know not everyone has had such a special example, but… we can all be that example that begins a new legacy of a deep respect and love in our own families. It is worth fighting for each other and the future generations in each of our families. Loving our spouses develops pride and confidence in our sons and daughters.

Thank you dad for being the incredible man you were and showing me how amazing our mom really was beyond what we even saw as young children. She was an amazing woman with a huge legacy!


Blessings Friends

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