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Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Mindset, setting your mind to it, moving forward, just do it. No matter how we frame the wording, it always has to do more with our perspective than our motivation.

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

The way we think is just as much a choice as how we act. Our brain listens to what we say. We are giving our brain direction from the words we silently speak to ourselves. When we speak aloud, that thinking becomes even more ingrained in us. It is important to speak life about ourselves, to ourselves, whether it is in the quiet of our thoughts, or spoken out loud.

Someone recently shared with me that


That comment has made me think. How much I develop positive thinking about myself, my abilities, and the impact I can have on others, will leave a legacy that can spur my grandchildren on to even greater freedom for their own growth. Encouraging others, and telling them the great things we see them do, can expand their view of what they are really capable of.

When kids struggle to learn something new, then spend time working at understanding it better and see success, it is the perfect time to dance and shout about how much they have gone forward and achieved!!

And you know what? The same is needed for us as adults. We are never too old to be celebrated and cheered on to learn something new, crash and burn, get up, keep working at it, and succeed.

You are precious and one of a kind. God made us each unique and designed us to be a piece of the puzzle for living with those we come in contact with. Aren’t you so frustrated when there is one piece to a puzzle missing?! There’s an even bigger hole left when we don’t show up as a positive influence for those around us. You are capable of so much.

Let your mind wander through the greatness of who you are and see where it takes you. Let your thoughts put a smile on your face.

This is the thinking that has spurred me on to helping others and has kept me going when it seemed I would never get there. I love where it is taking me.

My hope is that you will keep looking for the paths that encourage you and

remind you of how wonderful and needed you are

Have a smiley day,

Blessings Friends

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