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Anything new under the holiday stars?

Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

You’ve heard this before:

There are so many things we each love about how we celebrate the holidays. Sure, the big moments are important. They're the things we always remember and look back on with fondness. But it's the little things—the quiet moments, the inside jokes, the shared laughter—that really make the holidays special. It's those little things that we treasure most because they're unique to our family and our relationship with each other.

Yet, is there anything new we could add this year?

CONSIDER THIS: I am going to take out the family photo albums I have from my parents and from my husband’s mom. She was great at writing down names and how people were related. I want to show these to our grandkids and have fun sharing the past with them.

Since Denny and I went to high school together we have lots of memories they have heard, but seeing pictures of us in our year books and activities we were in is something they don’t see very often. They see how “hot” their grandpa was in highschool as one of them said! I can’t wait to show them some of the pictures I have of Christmases when I was their age too.

TALENTS: I play the violin, a son-in-law sings and plays guitar and one granddaughter plays the clarinet in the Mankato State University band. If everyone is willing to play carols together that would be a great addition. Celebrating each other’s talents is a fun way to include family.

A FAVORITE: Instead of making gingerbread houses before Christmas, I want to bake the gingerbread so each family can make a house the day after Christmas. It is a little more casual that day and it will be an activity to bring everyone together for some low key fun. The Resistance is a family fave game too.

BEING PREPARED AND INFORMING FAMILY WILL BE THE KEY. I am excited that I have actually been thinking about all of this ahead of time. Now I am setting out games and letting my daughters know what my plans are so they can help add their ideas and also be ready knowing what we are doing.

This holiday season, I’d encourage you to take a step back BEFORE all the hustle and bustle and focus on planning little moments with your loved ones. It's those moments—not the turkey or the presents—that will truly last a lifetime.

Don't get so caught up in making everything perfect that you forget to enjoy yourself.

PREPARE for creating lasting memories, INFORM YOUR FAMILY so everyone is onboard and savor all of the little moments starting with Thanksgiving.

Blessings Everyone

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