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Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Don’t you love digging in the dirt after a long winter? Maybe you have projects you are eager to start or can’t wait to put your boat in the water for fishing season. The things that give us personal enjoyment can be exhilarating and so much easier to make time for.

It is so easy when we are tired and feel overloaded to put off things even when we know they are important.

Since doing paperwork just might be lower on our list, I thought I’d share some reasons to find time to get that important information gathered for you and your family. Motivation is always the key.

  1. Your son or daughter gets hurt at an away game and needs to go to the emergency room. You have their medical information accessible on your phone as well as your pharmacy contacts.

  2. If you should ever have a fire in your house, you can grab your info and get out.

  3. In case of fire, you could give a copy to each of your children to keep, so you can just get out and know your important information is safe.

  4. If you lose a spouse you are prepared for the paperwork you will need to address during a time that is difficult to focus.

  5. If you should lose a parent, and they have their information documented, it gives some relief in a very challenging time.

  6. If your parents are getting older, having resources they can use can make the job easier for them, and give you peace of mind.

  7. You are on vacation and get a call that the plumbing broke or the furnace went out. You have contacts for businesses that have done work on your house, so you can make the call and be assured the problem is being addressed. Using people you trust from previous experiences is motivation for a business seeing it's repeat work and makes that vacation a lot more relaxing.

  8. You are involved in a multi-vehicle accident. You have quick access on your phone to your insurance agent, and any info you may need on the car.

  9. You are applying for a loan. You have your personal and tax information ready.

  10. You are going to sell your house. You have documented who has done work on the house, have easy access to your current mortgage rate, monthly payment and tax info, making the selling and purchasing process much easier and you can make informed decisions.

  11. You are soon to retire and attend meetings about your employer sponsored retirement and health care saving plan. You have your updated employer sponsored plan organized and know where your personal investments are at. You have a better understanding of what's ahead and are ready to get your retirement life going.

Events go smoother when your info is readily available. You can avoid frustrations and be confident.



If you think you are ready to get a jump on this, then join one of my classes. You will be able to start at your own pace with videos and downloads and join me twice a month for 40 minutes to have a scheduled time to work, learn more about ways to organize your info and get answers to questions. Click on my website below.

Blessings Friends

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