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40 years of ringing in my ears

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

After stripping, staining and sealing all the windows in our first home, I developed awful physical problems like feeling like my head was slammed against the wall if I leaned back and extreme dizziness. One ENT thought I had Meniere’s Disease, but later doctors said no. I have always thought it was probably the fumes from all the chemicals. Shortly after that I developed ringing in my ears which has slowly increased for the last 40 years. Could that also be from the chemicals? Maybe.

After about ten years, the Meniere’s type symptoms disappeared but the ringing DID NOT. The past few weeks I have realized that it has gotten much worse. Trying to sleep is not always easy.

A couple weeks ago I came across an article about people studying the frequency of parts of our body and things like viruses, so that they can find another frequency that can counteract the problem. Then, last week I had a friend tell me about a product that uses frequency to address over 850 different body and emotion issues. She had learned about this Wavwatch and purchased one. She shared about how she was with a friend who used it while they were together to try it for major muscle issues from Bell's Palsy. She had one eye partially closed and her shoulder pulled to her face. While she was wearing the watch during lunch, her one eye opened wider and a shoulder dropped.

With tears in her eyes this woman told my friend,

“I have been dealing with this for 20 years!”

This was real life that really got my interest. I went to and listened to more testimonials and info on the Wavwatch.

Since I've long been about supporting the health and well being of myself and my family, I decided to order the watch. I’m excited to see how it helps my Tinnitus and tight muscles. I’m also sharing with my family how it addresses Bi-Polar Disorder, depression, pain, calming your emotions, and other areas. It even helps kids with things like focus or bed wetting issues. I like that each person doesn't need their own watch, since you can share the watch with others too. Wouldn't this be great if it helps so many health issues that seem to come with aging?

If you’re at all interested you can check it out for yourself at

If in the future you might want to get one, and you can use this code for a discount that I got. ROBIN100

I will let you know how it helps me after I get the watch. Maybe I can live healthy to be 96 like Queen Elizabeth!

Blessings Friends

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